​The Story of the Universe

In the beginning there was Nothing. Before the Universe, there was no Universe. After the Universe, there is no Universe.

Everything is a trip from Nothing to Nothing.

Before the Universe, there was absolutely nothing. Void filled up everything. Nothing was Everything. There was no matter, no space, no time; absolutely nothing at all. The whole universe was a single neutron. There were no electrons and no protons, just the neutron.

It is almost impossible for the human mind to grasp the concept of absolute Nothing.

To start with, we need to think in zeros and ones. Language is too limited to express the human thought. Humans started thinking when they started existing, but only started communicating using language few thousand years back. In the process, we transformed the internal process of thinking, to adapt to our language. Now we get confused if we cannot express our thoughts, even to ourselves, using language. Even I, here, have to express my thoughts using the human language, otherwise I have to express them as they occur in their basic form, which is an electric current made of pluses and minuses, the same language that computers understand. That’s why computers have unlimited computational capacity. The only limitation is that of the programmer, who thinks using a human language, then transforms it to the only language that a computer understands: on and off, 0 and 1, + and -. We, humans, have to do it the other way round, transforming our brain’s electric current to a human language to be able to understand our own thoughts.

Think small. Scientists have been trying to solve the riddle of existence by observing our big universe. All that they have discovered so far is a very tiny fraction of the universe. No matter how sophisticated or advanced we get, we won’t be able to discover more than our own backyard. That is because the universe is expanding faster than our ability to explore it. So we have to reverse the system and think small. We do not need to understand more than the force of the basic atom to be able to understand the universe. Science will not be able to take us back to the origin of the universe, and forward to its fate. Even the Big Bang theory takes us a mere 13.7 billion human years back, to the big bang that unleashed the once extremely compact, dense, and hot universe to become the currently expanding and cooling universe that we know. But scientists have no means of explaining why it happened, what existed before the big bang, and how our universe will end.

The first major error in each and every scientific or religious explanation of life is the assumption that there was something before everything we know. But why should one assume so? The human and animal life is a trip from death to death. So is the universal life. It’s a trip from void to void. Nothing to Nothing.

So, first there was Nothing. Then suddenly, in this eternal state of no time, no matter, and no space (note that the term “eternal” is inaccurate, as it references time, when none exists in void) there was a slight disturbance, a fault, a malfunction of void. The disturbance took place way before the big bang. It was a very tiny disturbance that would have gone unnoticed had it not occurred in void. Disturbances happen all the time all around us, and they go unnoticed most of the time, because they’re happening in our universe, not in void. But void is too tiny to be disturbed. It does not have the powers of resistance that all elements carry. It is the perfect conductor of heat and electricity that no existing element is. So even a very tiny disturbance is like a big bang to void. It cannot go unnoticed. Void has to deal with it, and it still is.

The first thing that our minds will tell us as we look at this theory of genesis is “what is this disturbance and why did it happen?” IT DOESN’T MATTER, because it’s too tiny to be noticed had it not happened in void. It’s almost Nothing. We don’t need to worry about something that tiny and that insignificant. It was just a submicroscopic malfunction of void.

The neutrally-charged void, the Neutron, could only interpret this “almost nothing” disturbance as a plus and a minus. The disturbance, for void, was a basic electric current.

Imagine a perfectly still pond. Imagine the ripple effect that a very tiny pebble would create in such a pond. Now try to imagine that effect in 3-D, in space, versus on the 2-D surface of a pool.

The submicroscopic disturbance to void created a ripple effect that is still growing, very fast, at the speed of light, in 3-D (like a ball or a balloon). This is how our universe started.

The center of the universe is exactly where that tiny disturbance took place billions of years ago. The disturbance sent a 3-D shock wave formed of ripples of matter, and in between these ripples there is entrapped void. Void also fills the space inside the innermost ripple and outside the outermost ripple. Imagine the ripple effect in a pond again, and think in 3-D. The ripples are traveling very fast away from the center of the universe, and as they do, they are growing bigger and bigger. There is probably a fixed number of ripples traveling across the vast void, racing toward their destiny, in perfect 3-D circles, each surrounding the one inside, with void entrapped in between. Except that the circles are more like balls than circles, because you have to think in 3-D.

The Earth, the solar system, the Milky Way galaxy, and all the rest of our known universe, is a tiny part of one single ripple. We have never been able to observe other ripples. That’s because the universe is expanding at the speed of light, and we can never exceed that speed. Even if we could, void between the ripples will trap anything we try to send across to the ripple within or outside ours, even light or x-rays or whatever scientists use to explore outer space (we’ll come back to this in a minute).

Theoretically speaking, if we could ever produce a machine that travels faster than the speed of light, it would be possible to travel away from Earth into the universe, inside our own ripple, along a perfect trajectory in between the boundaries of our ripple, parallel to the outer boundary and the inner boundary. So this machine is not travelling into the center of the Universe where the first disturbance occurred, or away from it toward the outermost ripple. It is traveling within our own ripple. Such machine would come back to earth at the end of its journey from the opposite side of our ripple. Remember to think in 3-D. There are many trajectories that this machine could take and yet come back to earth without turning back, just by traveling straight. Travelling around the Universe and back is exactly the same as travelling around our planet on any straight line and coming back to our starting point.

The reason the ripples and the void in between them are traveling very fast away from the center of the universe, and in the process becoming much bigger, is that protons and electrons can only exist in motion. Sitting still kills them, and they are struggling for survival. Look at the atom: electrons and protons inside an atom are constantly moving. The universe has the same characteristics of an atom, and behaves like one. There’s nothing else but protons and electrons in the universe. Everything else is formed of them. As to neutrons, it’s a different story.

The whole universe was a single neutron. When the first tiny disturbance occurred and created the circular 3-D ripple effect, some parts of the void, i.e. the Neutron, were trapped in between the ripples. Other parts were trapped with sets of electrons and protons, and together, they formed atoms. Then atoms started coming together to form matter. Matter traveling very fast inside ever-expanding ripples grew larger and larger and much larger, forming, in the process, planets and everything that exists on planets and in between them. Each ripple is filled with electrons and protons, with parts of void (neutron) trapped inside. Between ripples there is void. Inside the innermost ripple there is void. Outside the outermost ripple there is void. All void is one, because void was a single neutron before the disturbance occurred, and it will be a single neutron again, after billions of human years, but a split second in void terms.

The void has no concept of time. What for us is a billion years is less than a split second to void. It’s actually a blip taking no time at all. The universal ripple effect in void is bound to end, and once it does, the void restores its eternal tranquility. Void will have no recollection of what happened. For void, a disturbance took place and ended immediately afterwards. Void is so omnipresent that it does not notice anything that exists, even if that thing was the entire universe. Void is the absence of time, space and matter. When all is gone, it never even happened.

Why do we assume that the universe started somewhere, or with something, versus void? We already know that life is a trip from birth to death, and that everything we know has a start and an end. It’s only normal to apply the same logic to the universe. Imagine a trip you take by car. You start in static mode and end the same. Your trip is from standstill to standstill. How long does it take before you start a certain trip? How can you compare the time that your trip takes to the time before you started your trip. If you start your trip at 8.00 a.m on January 25, 2016 and reach your destination at 9.00 a.m. on the same day, that’s one hour of your time. However, you cannot estimate the time it took you before you started your trip. If you want to relate the trip experience only to you, you could say that it took you 35 years before you started that one-hour trip (if you are 35 years old). If you want to relate that trip to humanity, you can say that it took you 200,000 years to start that trip (since humankind existed). However, you can also relate that particular one-hour trip to the big bang and say that it took 13.7 billion for this trip to start. You can even go much further back to the genesis of the universe until you reach infinity.

The same could be applied forward. Someone who wants to refer to your trip 10,000 years from now will say that your one-hour trip took place 10,000 years ago. So, there is also infinity after the end of your trip. Now isolate your trip from any other occurrence. Assume that your one-hour trip was all that ever took place anywhere, anytime. In that context, your trip, although it interrupted that endless stillness from infinity to infinity for one hour, did not occur at all. Anything divided by infinity equals zero. One could claim that the universal trip is much longer than one hour. Okay, how long? It’s bound to end. Say after a billion trillion years. One Billion trillion/Infinity = zero. In other words, the trip of the universe from void to void did not even take place because it took place in the infinity of void (no time, no space, no matter).

 Void is one. The void trapped inside the innermost ripple and in between the ripples, is racing to unite with the void outside the outermost ripple. And it will. The current outer ripple is the last frontier of the universe. Most likely, it will grow to the extent that it cannot sustain any further growth, and then void will conquer. The whole ripple will vanish inside the void. It will just disappear in a split second. It will disintegrate. Electrons and protons will lose their electrical charge and become one with the Neutron. If there is a form of life in that ripple, it will not feel a thing. It will just vanish.

Then the next ripple will become the last frontier, and so on and so forth, until the last and only ripple left becomes the last frontier, and vanishes into void. And we go back to were we were. No more disturbances. Back to eternal tranquility. Void to void. Back to the single Neutron universe.

And this is exactly why infinity does not exist. The human mind was never able to reach that numerical, simply because it does not exist. Infinity is zero. The whole universe will end as it started: Void. Eternity exists only in void. Everything else ends, including the universe. Why would there be infinity to start with? Why do we assume that things start from zero and keep growing indefinitely? In a circle, we always go back to where we started. Zero and infinity are the same. Things never move in a straight line. Everything about the universe is circular. Same with numerics. We start from zero, then move on a circular line, until we come back to zero. Infinity is actually our ability to go around the circle over and over indefinitely.

Replicating another universe is not theoretically impossible. We know that the universe started as a slight disturbance to void, and this disturbance acts like an electric current in 3-D, and that the universe is formed of electrons, protons and a single neutron which has been trapped in atoms and in between formations of atoms. Technically, what we need to recreate our universe is simply to send a single atom to the center of the universe. If we can send an atom from earth to the outer limit of our ripple in the direction of the first disturbance, i.e. the center of the universe, when this atom reaches the borderline with the entrapped void, it will immediately reappear in the outer limit of the next inner ripple. The huge stretch of void trapped between two ripples, is nothing but a neutrally charged space. As such, it exerts zero resistance to any object traveling inside of it. Once the projected atom has escaped our ripple, it will be attracted by the inner ripple. Since void cannot tolerate existence and exerts zero resistance, the moment the atom leaves our ripple it will reappear on the outer limit of the next inner ripple. If we can somehow program that atom to travel across that ripple, it will then go out again through void to the next inner ripple and so on and so forth across all the ripples, until it reaches the innermost one.

Once the atom penetrates the inner limit of the last (smallest) ripple, it will be attracted by the opposite point across the same ripple, toward the assumed point of exit in that ripple. Once it is halfway there, it will reach the center of the universe, the same spot where the first disturbance took place. At that point, the atom will be pulled equally from all points along the innermost ripple, because it will be equidistant to all of these points. It will instantly explode as a result of all these forces pulling it equally from all directions. That explosion in void will be the disturbance that will create another ripple effect, another universe. If we can then continue to repeat that process indefinitely, that will be infinity: The endless trip from void to void and back to void. Again, theoretically speaking, our own universe could have been created this way, i.e by someone who sent an atom across an already existing universe, that vanished long since.

The instant travel of a particle from one ripple to another, across void, explains the black hole phenomenon, or dark matter. Scientists have been wondering for years about “black holes of the universe”, large pockets of darkness that attract close-by planets and planet formations and make them disappear. Actually, these planets and galaxies are disappearing at the point of entry to the black hole, only to instantly re-appear at the point of exit from the black hole, on the opposite side. The black holes are nothing but huge pockets of entrapped void, or Neutron, inside a ripple. But scientists are unable to track the emergence of matter on the opposite side because the universe is too vast and it will take millions of light years for telescopes to capture the instant re-emergence owing to distance from point of entry. 

One might believe in the ripple-effect formation of the universe but still argue for more universal complexity, by suggesting that there could be other ripples out there at the same time, i.e. other universes. This, technically, cannot be true. Void cannot sustain two ripple effects at the same time. Remember the nature of the beast. Void has no notion of time or space, or nothing else for that matter. The human mind could imagine two occurrences taking place in void at the same time because we think in terms of time and space. As far as void is concerned, there was nothing, then something, then nothing again. The time between something and nothing is billions of human years, but it is only a blip on the void’s radar. The chances of two blips occurring in no-time and no-space, at the same time and the same space, are technically impossible.

Simply stated, the whole universe is the result of an unnoticeable disturbance to the perfect void that existed, or did not exist for that matter, before the universe started its trip from void to void. The universe is a circular three dimensional electric shock traveling very fast away from where the first disturbance took place. The void caught in between the ripples will eventually reunite with the void outside, in eternal tranquility. Everything inside the ripples, that forms the universe, is made up of electrons, protons, and trapped void that we call neutrons. In other words, humans and everything else that exists on earth and in the cosmos are all the same. The only difference is the way our electrons, protons and neutrons are clustered. But remember, there is no such thing as neutrons in plural. There is one single Neutron that is currently divided by the ripples that form the universe, and parts of which are entrapped in every physical matter inside each of the ripples. The Neutron was one and will be one again. The billions of years it took the universe to form, and the billions more it will take it to vanish, are all but a relative human notion. As far as void is concerned, the disturbance to its tranquility, called Universe, happened and vanished in a split second to the extent that void has no recollection of it happening at all. Time only exists for whatever or whoever is riding one of the ripples that form the universe. If one tries to observe our universe from the bigger “void” perspective, there’s nothing to be observed. Time divided by infinity is zero. Existence divided by Void is Non-existence. Anything divided by Everything is Nothing.

Everything we are, everything we do, all behavioral patterns of humans and matter, is affected by this ripple-effect called The Universe.

For example, we already have evidence that our planet used to be a single continent. The concept of “continental drift” explains why the shapes of continents on either side of the Atlantic Ocean seem to fit together (for example, Africa and South America). According to this concept, all the continents had once been joined into a super-continent known as Pangaea.  

Continents drift because Earth is expanding (but this is not the only reason we get earthquakes or volcanoes. The Earth’s expansion if a very slow process in human years), and it will continue to expand until the ripple in which it exists becomes the outermost ripple, then Earth, like all other planets, will not be able to expand any more, and it will dissolve into void. The current mean circumference of Earth is 40,041.455 km. Few million years ago, the earth’s circumference was considerably less than that. Few million years into the future, it will be considerably more. I wish I can prove it!!

Earth is growing bigger and bigger, and it’s getting farther away from all other planets, because the entire universe is expanding. For example, again hypothetically speaking, if we send a rocket from Earth to the Moon, wait few million years, then send it back to Earth, the trip back will be much longer than the current average distance of 384,403 km.

Another example is how the brain works. We are living in a huge electromagnetic field. Everything around us, and everything we are, is essentially a certain arrangement of protons, electrons and neutrons (remember that there is only one Neutron, currently divided by the ripple effect we call Universe). The brain, human and animal alike, operates like an antenna or a dish receiver or radar that picks up and receives certain electric transmissions. The reason each species behaves around the globe in pretty much the same way, from birth till death, even without communicating with one another, is that the brain of each species is genetically programmed to pick up the same “wavelength” no matter where and when they are born.  

Before language, the human brain used to operate the same way, and this is how it still partially operates when we lose control over it, during sleep or under the influence of drugs or when we’re still babies. The human brain, before language, used to pick up the electric transmission that makes humans what they are. However that transmission was so sophisticated that it had to be regulated. The need to run away from one’s thoughts was enormous. Our ancestors discovered a long time ago that our receptors pick up much more than what we need for survival. Ancient books are full of stories of super-humans who existed before language, or in the early days of the human language. One of the most telling stories is that of the tower of Babylon, as told in the book of Genesis in the old testament of the Bible, and in many other ancient literature. The story is found in Genesis 11:1-9 as follows:

"1 Now the entire earth was of one language and uniform words. 2 And it came to pass when they traveled from the east, that they found a valley in the land of Shinar and settled there. 3 And they said to one another, "Come, let us make bricks and fire them thoroughly"; so the bricks were to them for stones, and the clay was to them for mortar. 4 And they said, "Come, let us build ourselves a city and a tower with its top in the heavens, and let us make ourselves a name, lest we be scattered upon the face of the entire earth". 5 And the Lord descended to see the city and the tower that the sons of man had built. 6 And The LORD said, "Lo! they are one people, and they all have one language, and this is what they have commenced to do. Now, will it not be withheld from them, all that they have planned to do? 7 Come, let us descend and confuse their language, so that one will not understand the language of his companion". 8 And the Lord scattered them from there upon the face of the entire earth, and they ceased building the city. 9 Therefore, He named it Babel, for there the Lord confused the language of the entire earth, and from there the Lord scattered them upon the face of the entire earth."

So according to the biblical story, before the current human language, all humans spoke one language, and that drove their ambitions to wanting to reach god, and to building a huge tower some five thousand years ago, which is quite a miracle by itself. Obviously, at least according to the moral of the story, the mode of communication those people used was more sophisticated than our language, because it allowed them to imagine and implement great things. The new language(s) affected their brains in a way that prohibited the completion of the project or another attempt, at least by the people who spoke any of the new languages, to launch a similar project.

I believe that what they wanted to build was more than a mere tower, and that they did not speak any language at all and that the story is much older than five thousand years. I believe that humans used to communicate, before language, the same way animals do today. This made them super-humans. But at the same time, it bothered them a lot. Being continuously  able to pick up such a strong transmission as the human’s is not easy to live with. They needed language.

Language regulated the human brain. A baby is born with unlimited intelligence and imagination. By persistent training to force a baby to adopt the human language, we are in effect closing on on its imagination and forcing it to funnel its thoughts through language. With time, the brain’s capacity to act as a perfect antenna is eliminated in favor of adapting it to dismiss any thought that cannot be expressed using language.  

Have you ever wondered why our thoughts are structured in a polarized way? Things have to be left or right, right or wrong, dark or bright, tall or short, good or bad, beautiful or ugly, smart or dumb, enemy or friend. If you really think about it, it doesn’t make sense. Does it even make sense to have two major political parties in  most countries, ironically called left and right? There are endless options in between any of the above two poles, but we somehow stick to these two, and at best, mention a center, or an average. The reason is that everything is actually a plus or a minus, a proton or an electron, with the center or average being the neutron. Our thoughts are structured that way. Our thoughts are electric waves of pluses and minuses, zeros and ones. Whatever appeals to our electrons is placed at one pole, and whatever appeals to our protons is at the opposite pole. The neutral balance is center.

Probably this explains the human wars, fighting, disagreement, even lack of inner harmony. Our plus and minus thought pattern has to characterize someone as a friend or enemy, evil or good, positive or negative. And since even human beings are electrically charged, with most people being either net negative or net positive, while very few are net neutral, so for a net positive person the net negative person is his/her opposite.

Remember that electricity is originally a disturbance to void. Since all the ripples that make up the universe are actually electric charges, a bizarre arrangement of protons and electrons, with pockets of the universal Neutron entrapped, then everything inside a ripple, humans included, is a “disturbance” and everything in between ripples and inside the innermost ripple and outside the outermost ripple is tranquility…void. So, we not only have a natural tendency to disagree, brought about by our electric polarity, we are ourselves, each one of us, a natural disturbance. The few human beings whose negative charge is exactly equal to their positive charge, and are hence electrically neutral, are in more harmony than the rest of us, and we do actually call them very “stable” people, and that’s because they’re electrically stable.

Another example of polarity is sexuality. In the atomic makeup of males, there are more protons than electrons. The opposite is true for females. A male is a net positive charge. Females are net negative (No disrespect. Scientifically speaking). This is why males and females are attracted to one another.

There are exceptions to every formula. Some males end up being net negative, and they are only capable of attracting and getting attracted to net positive males. Some females are net positive and their mates have to be net negative females. Few males and females are net neutral, because they have as much protons as electrons, so they end up bisexual.

When men and women speak of chemistry between them, or even electricity, well that’s exactly what it is. Protons attract and are attracted to electrons.

One more thought: We keep saying that there’s a woman in every man and vice versa. Well, that’s scientifically true. When men connect with the negatively-charged electrons inside of them, they display female-like feelings and behaviors. Similarly, when women connect with their protons, they feel like men. That is another source of disturbance in the relationship between two human beings. While the net positive male is attracted to the net negative female, his protons are repelling hers, and his electrons are doing the same with hers while getting attracted to her protons.

The electric interference between males and females also explains the natural, instinctive role of females with their males. An atom consists of a cloud of electrons surrounding a small, dense nucleus of protons and neutrons. Electrons naturally surround protons in a protective manner. Men always complain that their women are too protective, possessive, to the extent of suffocating them. However, women can’t help it. Their net negative electric charge forces them to assume that protective role with their net positive mates.

Here's another example: Why are human beings obsessed with speed and motion ever since humans existed? Some of us are more so than others, why? It’s all electric, and it all has to do with the fact that we are made up of atoms, that are made up of protons, electrons and neutrons. Our atoms, like the universe, are in constant motion, and make us always crave for more speed and motion. Our neutrons feel that they are nothing but an entrapped part of the larger universal Neutron, and crave to race to meet it. Also, most humans have either a net positive charge or a net negative charge. Very few of us are electrically neutral. And as we all know, electrically charged objects, human beings in this instance, can only exist in motion.

That explains why males, being net positively charged, have a greater need for speed than women, in general. Fast cars, racing, motorbikes, jumping off cliffs and from planes, building rockets…have all been predominantly male fascinations. For men whose protons far outnumber their electrons than other men, they have a higher need for motion and speed.

Humans will keep attempting to do things faster and to move faster, breaking more and more speed records. We keep saying that such an individual can never stop and that if he/she stops they will die. Well, that is scientifically true.

In summary, the billions of years that represent the life of the universe are no more than a blip as far as void is concerned. The whole universe ended before it even began. he universe is a tiny disturbance to void, an accident that has long been dealt with.

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